My therapeutic approach is eclectic, drawing mainly on psychodynamic, attachment-based, cognitive-behavior, and humanistic modalities. Psychodynamic and attachment theories hold that our childhood experience and quality of early attachment relationship with our caregivers help shape our conscious and unconscious behavior, thought patterns, and ways of relating to others.

Challenging childhood experiences and/or dysfunctional family environment often compelled children to adopt certain coping strategies in order to survive. Those strategies could, however, turn out to be problematic or ineffective in their adulthood. Through collaborative exploration and therapist-client interactions in therapy sessions, you will have a chance to develop insights into the intricate dynamics underlying certain maladaptive behaviors and to begin making constructive changes. I tactically incorporate cognitive and behavioral therapy techniques to help facilitate changes to your beliefs and behaviors and to build a healthy lifestyle.

I am a trained EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) therapist and when appropriate, I may apply EMDR to help you work through depression and/or anxiety associated with past traumas. If indicated, I may also refer you to other health care providers from both fields of Western and Complementary and Alternative Medicine. This practice reflects my integrative view of body and mind and my conviction that health and healing can only be achieved holistically.

I am committed to help you and to empower you to make lasting and meaningful changes, to increase your emotional confidence, and to help you build healthier and happier interpersonal relationships.